Sky TV – A Revolution In The Entertainment Industry

Imagine a scenario in which you have shifted to a new house. You start to think about your primary requirement after you come out of your boxes. Though water, electricity and a few life-supporting things are necessary, our first thought after the core elements are usually, a TV set, that makes your house feel like home. Nowadays, there are numerous services for an improved television viewing experience. People usually watch countless programmes on many TV channels, provided by many broadcast companies, which can be very exciting. Every broadcast provider has its advantages as well as drawbacks. However, one provider offers you an all-round experience best suited to your requirements and is cost effective. And here, we are talking about Sky Broadcast provider and its offerings. Let us explain how?

Sky had started its journey as a UK company that won the very first license for satellite TV and it built its services from then onwards. Now, when we have entered 2016, the Sky has become the biggest TV provider in the United Kingdom and we will give you the reasons for it. With the Sky + Box and its service introduction, the growth of the company kicked off. Moreover, today many people sign up for the same reason.


About Sky+

Sky +  service allows the recording and manipulation of live TV, which means that you can fast-forward, rewind and pause the live TV. In fact, you can also put it in slow motion. The launch of Sky+ has revolutionised the way of watching TV as it let us to pause the TV while making the coffee or fast forwarding during pesky advertisements. Sky+, over the years, has developed many features that have established it as a valuable discovery in the entertainment world. Recently, there is an increase in the storage space of the box as well as advanced features such as TV on demand and catch up TV, have been added. 3D support and HD are also added features.

Perhaps the best reason to go with Sky, though, is their exclusive content. Everybody knows about Sky Movies and Sky Sports, which represent the very best sports and movies packages out there, but perhaps the real star is Sky Atlantic. It’s completely free to all Sky customers (even those on the very cheapest packages) but offers some of the most compelling programmings on the service. Through an exclusive deal with HBO, the channel features the likes of Game of Thrones, Girls, True Detective, Last Week Tonight and countless others. Other deals with the likes of AMC mean that hit programmes like Mad Men and The Walking Dead all appear on the servicer

Their exclusive content might be the best reason to consider Sky as an option. So Sky Sports and Sky Movies are so popular that everyone knows about them and these are one of the best packages. But the real famous package is Sky Atlantic, which is provided free of cost to all the Sky customers. SkyAtlantic offers most compelling programmes under our services.  We feature channel programmes like last Week Tonite, True Detective, Girls, Game of Thrones and much more,  through HBO under an exclusive deal.  There is one more such deal with AMC for other programmes.

Future Of Sky TV

Similarly, the company is in the process of launching Sky Q, which has many new features and can change the entertainment era.  So Sky TV will get much better in coming months.

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Sky Television Broadcasting

Television As A Necessity:

The television has become a necessary part of every household. Life without a TV seems impossible. There use to be a small number of TV broadcast stations available in the past. However, things have changed, as there are more than three hundred broadcasting stations that offer universal themes with different shows on numerous channels. TV is both informative and entertaining. It is a great mean to unite a family with its countless TV shows and movies for the entire family to watch it together. TV has also become an important source of new updates and current events. The news channels are unfurling the news and incidents that are happening around the world.


About Sky TV:

Broadcasting companies are growing with increasing demand of Television network broadcast. One such broadcasting company is Sky TV, which is located in UK and caters to broadcasting demand of the country. This company offers you uninterrupted channels that at an affordable price. The company is quite famous for its low pricing and persistent broadcasting of usual channels. The company’s offerings include different packages to suit the requirements of different families. The cost of these channels is affordable and charges are applicable as per the subscription of the specific channels, which is a significant advantage for an ordinary person.

Sky TV Channel Packages:

The amount that many companies charge is usually based on the subscription per channel. But Sky TV offers you a compilation of similar channels in a package that people prefer to watch and it helps you save a decent amount of money. Sky TV provides three basic packages to its customers. Though they are flexible, as you can get your preferred channels added to a particular package, but you need to pay an added cost for that. Our three primary packages are:

–    Entertainment package

–    Movie package

–    Sport package

With all these packages mentioned above, we provide ‘free channels’ also for your viewing without any extra cost. These are the unique offering by Sky TV, for every particular package.

The picture quality of Sky TV is the best; you can get in the industry. We provide high definition (HD), i.e., quality satellite viewing for our users at an affordable cost. We also offer cable TV via the internet so anyone can access it from any computer at any place. This access gives you an excellent coverage of TV broadcasting, as you are not required to stay inside your house to watch your favourite shows. Hence, if you have an internet connection, you can never miss any programme that you like. Sky TV is also popular for its installation charges that have been slashed to as little as 1 pound.


Sky TV is one of the most popular satellite channel provider in the UK. Their offerings include packages that suit the requirements of individual families and people who do not always stay at home. Sky TV also offers free channels to its customers along with addition channel services in a particular package with an extra cost. So, Sky TV company makes TV viewing a joyful experience at affordable prices without affecting your budget much.

For any Information regarding Sky TV, Please contact your area operator or call Sky Contact numbers.

Is Sky Broadband An Added-On Service To Its Pay TV Clients?

In this review, we aim to focus on the quality of connections and affordable pricing provided by Sky broadband company.

But first, let us have some knowledge about latest offerings on the most popular packages along with an unlimited standard broadband plan, provided by Sky broadcasting.


Sky Offers Six Broadband Packages And These Are :

Lite package

Unlimited broadband package

Fibre plan

Unlimited Fibre plan

Fibre unlimited pro

And connect package


Each of these packages relies on Sky Line Rental that costs you around £17.40 per month.

Note: Connect broadband is the option only for people, who are not within broadband network area of Sky broadband. We would discuss this in details later in this review.


Sky offers you free broadband package called ‘lite’. It is the basic package with the smallest download limit in the UK, for home connections. It is apt for people, who do not use the internet much and do petite emailing and browsing. Its monthly limit is 2 GB, which is sufficient for less frequent users.

One of the most popular options here is ‘Broadband unlimited’ package. Though many people are buying fibre package these days, is it still the choice of many homes.

If 38 Mbps is not a fast enough speed to you, then you should upgrade your internet connection to Fibre Pro from Sky, which gives you a speed of 76Mbps.

We have given you the basics. Let us have a closer look. We will start with the pricing and we will move further to speeds as well as usage limits of all the packages available. We would also consider other features such as wi-fi and a free router.

Sky Pricing:

Sky offers competitive prices on its packages as compared to any internet provider especially its rivals. Sky frequently offers best deals now and then, to bring down its costs further.

Sky customers who are planning to upgrade to broadband lite, should consider the £60 as set up fee for the up gradation. For new clients, the set up is free of charges. We charge the only activation fee of £30.

In case Sky broadband users want an up gradation to Fibre package, there is an activation fee of £50 while for new customers, there is a discounted price of £35.

If anyone wants to switch from their existing supplier to sky, the transfer is free of charges in case there is an active BT-compatible phone line. Otherwise, the customer has to pay a connection cost of £20 for an entirely new line.

Affordable Broadband

Sky is one of UK’s most affordable line rental and broadband particularly the Lite package for the new and existing Sky TV clients

Sky tv provides attractive upgrade deals for its existing customers, which makes it the cheapest offer in the UK.

Sky Customer Services:

Earlier sky customer service was not the best one but recently, in January 2016, they have outdone their self. Regarding customer satisfaction, Sky has beaten the competition as per outcome. Sky has an 80% customer satisfaction rating, compared to 70% of the competitor, revealed Ofcom. Not only Ofcom has rated Sky, but independent surveys have also rated it.

As per Think Broadband survey, 23% of Sky users rated them as the best (with full grades) customer service provider.

Sky offers 24*7 customer service support. You can call their technical support free of charges, from a Sky landline number. In a case of problem in the phone line, please call number 03 from your Sky mobile.

For further information, please feel free to call Sky Internet numbers as provided